As a writer, Eric’s goal is to enlighten, entertain, and connect. Whether as a blogger or contributor he’s had great success in telling stories that drive home a central theme, while using data and experience to back it up. You can find a few samples of his writing here.

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From Why I Hate Detroit to Why I Stayed

Financial Times

A follow up to Eric’s viral article “Why I hate Detroit” this article covers the economic revitalization of a city in flux, the impact on communities, and the hope he has for the future.


How Bad Design Wrecked Steve Harvey’s Universe.


Eric’s most viral article to date, rising to one of the most read Linkedin Articles of all time with over 1.5 million reads. Here Eric explains how poor design was to blame for Steve Harvey’s international gaffe and using his skills for design, recreates the card in a way that could be better and more legible. This article attracted the attention of Linkedin CEO, Jeff Weiner, and the godfather of UX Design, Don Norman.


“How To Make Millennials Hate You” The Pepsi Way.


This viral blog made waves, garnering over 500,000 reads and helping to shape public understanding of why Pepsi’s now imfamous “Kendal Jenner Ad” was offensive and tone deaf. Here' Eric gives a frame-by-frame break down of where the ad went so wrong.

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Why I Hate Detroit.

Metro Times

Linkedin Blog turned media story, this article made waves in Detroit for being an honest look at how locals can be left behind during an economic resurgence. This article has been published, republished in an abridged version and cited by the New York Times and the Economist.

Writing and Citations

Eric has been a contributor or source for some of the largest publications regionally or nationally.

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