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Always wanted to improve your speaking and didn’t know where to start? Learn from storytelling expert and national speaker, Eric S. Thomas, on how to construct powerful and moving presentations built from your personal brand of communication. You don’t have to change to be a great speaker. You just need time, strategy, and a guide on how to maximize your effectiveness. This is that guide.

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Speaking to Comcast’s Sales Team about Personal Branding and Networking

Speaking to Comcast’s Sales Team about Personal Branding and Networking

Public speaking is rated as one of the most common phobias in America. Why? Because deep down we’re all worried that we’re being judged. It causes us to over or under prepare. We sweat, stutter, and stumble. Sometimes we find ourselves losing our place and that just makes everything worse. Now we’re tumbling down into the abyss.

“Oh god. Everyone here thinks I’m a dummy.”

Even the most knowledgeable of us get caught up in this trap. Growing up I always had stage fright. No matter how talkative I was one-on-one or with others, I found myself shaking violently in front of a crowd. On stage, I was a nervous wreck. Tightening throat? Check. Uncomfortable jitters? Check. Forgetting what I was going to say next? Double-check. 

What helped me? Just realizing I know what I was talking about and knowing I didn’t have to be anybody else on stage but myself. And so, I’ll help you do the same.

What is being covered?







Structuring A Presentation for Maximum Effect

Finding your opportunities to create intensity or softness can make or break a great presentation. Eric has created a speech diagram that overlays on top of the basic laws of storytelling. Tell great stories. Hit powerful beats. Get standing ovations.

Understanding Great Speakers

In this E-Book, we cover what makes a great speaker so captivating. Then using those insights, outline ways for you to leverage your personality to make the greatest impact.

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