a unique perspective.

Eric's writing and speaking covers a wide range of topics from Branding to Gentrification. His strength is making complex topics simple and 'unsexy' topics more engaging.



"Storytelling isn't just about language. It's about being human and spreading ideas. It's about connecting in ways that change how we think about ourselves and each other."


"People Don’t care about your logo. They care about humans. Humanize your brand, people will care about it. "


"Sometimes you have to get up from behind the screen, leave social media, and go get the people where they live."


"Greatness does not always look like us or what we want it to. We need to be aware of that when we’re trying to make others smaller to make ourselves comfortable. If true equality is our goal, then equity is the pathway. Allowing diverse ideologies to fill in historically monochromatic and single gendered spaces can make those roles even stronger." 


"There will always be people that will sit on the sidelines and tell you what can’t be done. Others will simply try to distract you. 'Why do you work so hard? You need to sit around and do nothing with the rest of us.' This second group is not malicious, they’re just misguided. They prioritize friendship and fun over future planning. Over the years, I’ve minimized my time spent with people that don’t contribute to my overall goals."